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The formula of CPE rubber hose outside
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The formula of CPE rubber hose outside 
Material name Specification Formula Origin
CPE  CPE135B 100 Weifang Yaxing
Light activity MgO  Iodine value 120 12 Xingtai magnesium God
Carbon BlackN330  industry-specific 20 Qingzhou Carbon Black
Carbon BlackN550  industry-specific 45 Qingzhou Carbon Black
Silica  industry-specific 20 Qingzhou
Calcium stearate  industry-specific 2 Jinan
Light Calcium  1250project 45 Zibo
DioctylDOP  industry-specific 35 Qilu Petrochemical
DibutylDOA  industry-specific 18 Qilu Petrochemical
PE wax  industry-specific 3 Qingdao
ST600 Resin  Adhesive resin 4 YanTai HengNuo
Insoluble Sulfur IS-60 0.6 Dongying Mingfeng
Coupling agent  KH-B92 0.8 Beijing Shenda
ACTOR-TDDS       (same as ECHO.A)  industry-specific 2.5 YanTai HengNuo
ACCEL-BF         (same as 882B)  industry-specific 1.5 YanTai HengNuo
All attachments: 330 Containing rate 30%
Used Method:
1. CPE 135 B extruding becomes rubber flat in open rubber mixing mill (cooling)
2. The following raw materials: CPE 135B flat with MgO,N330, Silica, stearate,
Calcium,DOP,DOA ,PE WAX,ST600 ,ACCEL -NC mixture 10-20Minutes in banbury
3. In second step mixture even product with Sulfur ,ACTOR-829 extruding becomes
rubber flat in open rubber mixing mill (cooling)
4. Third step rubber flat extruding becomes rubber hose in single-screw extruder
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